Our Mission

Our Mission

I know you have many choices for how you will plan your annual fund-raising. Wouldn’t it be terrific to make the most of your fund-raising dollars and sell something that also helps the small businesses in your community? I want to introduce you to I Love Discount Cards.

I am Tony Tamburriello; President and CEO of I Love Discount Cards. I started this business with one goal; raise money for organizations that support Autism research as I am father of autistic twins that are 15 years old. It has always been a passion of mine to change the future of Autism. Being a native to Pittsburgh; I also know there are so many small businesses in our community that survive on the loyal business of the local community.

A loyalty card was the answer! I offer free advertising to these businesses in exchange for an offer that would entice the public to frequent their establishment. With a card full of offers, the businesses will get additional customers and the card is enticing for friends and family of fund-raising organizations. It is a win-win!

I Love Discount Cards is hands down the most lucrative way of raising money for your organization that you will find.

The card itself has offers from local businesses that will honor their discount for an entire year.

The card has value. The card will pay for itself in the savings. You can feel good about the item you have chosen for your fund-raising; everyone benefits-especially your cause…

So forget about candy, cookies, lottery tickets, plants and popcorn; I Love Discount Cards will make your fund-raising dollars multiply!

Let me help you raise the funds you need, while you are helping out your community!

There is no upfront cost and you can return any unsold cards.