BUsiness Co-op


This opportunity is for local businesses to collectively market their products and services to loyal customers.

The Business Discount Card will entice people to do business with the companies listed on the card and that will help increase notoriety, profits and their customer base.

To get started today, please tell us what you want on the card.  You’ll pay nothing until you receive your cards.

Fundraising Program


The Loyalty Discount Card fundraising program is ideal for groups looking to raise money for their organization.  

I Love Discount Cards features 12-20 businesses in your area which offer discounts on a variety of products and services.  Our professional staff will secure all business sponsorships.  You just need to tell us your favorite local businesses so we know where your buyers prefer to shop!

You decide how much money you want to earn.  You set the selling price of your cards and decide how many you want to sell.  We suggest you ask each person to sell 5 cards.

No risk to you – pay only for what you sell.

(443) 637-2847

How it works


Unlike our competitors, our program is simple.  The pricing is straight-forward, and we do all the work to get businesses to participate.

Loyalty Discount Card

  • Cost is $2.00 per full-color plastic business-size card.
  • There is no minimum order, but we suggest you order at least 250 because they are easy to sell.
  • You provide a custom logo for the front.
  • Back of card has space for 10-20 coupons.
  • Card expires in 12 months.
  • You tell us how many cards you want.
  • Turnaround time is about 2 weeks.

Business Discount Card

  • Cost is $300 for 250 full-color plastic business-size cards imprinted with your company's message on the front.  You and other non-competiting local businesses will provide discounts on the back.  
  • A total of 2500 cards will be printed and distributed by participating merchants.
  • You may distribute these cards to your customers, offer the cards as a prize or incentive.
  • Cards are valid for 3 months.
  • All campaigns will have a specific timeline so you can create a marketing strategy to effectlvely generate new business from these cards.